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Class Protocol to keep our students and families safe

Posted: June 24, 2020



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Hello, parents! And welcome back to 1st Class Martial Arts!

First, we want to thank you all for your patience and patronage these past three months during this timeline. We know things have not been easy, but we hope that you and your child have enjoyed our online martial arts classes while we navigated through California’s stay-at-home orders.

Last week, June 15th, the state began reopening small businesses, gyms, and martial arts schools such as our own. 1st class has been preparing since the lockdown began for our eventual reopening and we are excited to have you all back! As we are sure you have many questions about our new COVID procedures for the school, this blog post will serve to inform you all on how 1st Class is working to ensure the maximum safety and well-being of our students while attending class.

  1. 1st class will require an RSVP via our Zen Planner app for the time being in order to attend class. This is to ensure proper social distancing is done by minimizing the number of participants per classes.

  2. Before class begins, we will clean mats and the bags/Bobbies using a high level disinfectant spray and mop to ensure maximum cleanliness.

  3. When a student and parent arrive, they must wait on the white dots outside to the right of the door before entering. We will be conducting contactless body temperature checks with our heat-checker. Students will also wash/sanitize their hands before entering class using hand sanitizers at stations near the door and mat.

  4. Students must wear mask covering their mouth and nose per the CDC’s guidelines. We recommend that students keep the mask on during class but if breathing becomes difficult, they may pull it down below their nose.

  5. Students must place shoes and sandals into cubbies before stepping onto the mat in order to ensure their belongings are properly separated to avoid potential cross contamination. 

  6. When students begin to stepping onto the mat they will be assigned a dot inside a 8’x6’ rectangular box where they will train for the entirety of the class unless instructed otherwise. This is to ensure students social distance properly during training and don’t come into contact with each other.

  7. Parents will not be allowed to stay inside the class during training unless they have a younger child on the mat. All other parents will wait outside in their cars and may watch the class via Zoom.

  8. Once class concludes the instructor will release students one at a time in order to ensure maximum social distancing. Students will clear cubbies of their belongings before exiting. After they finish getting their belongings they will wash hands again at the hand sanitizer stations. Parents will wait on the left side of the door to retrieve their child as they are exiting. If the parent is not waiting at the door by the classes conclusion the student will wait inside until their parent has arrived.

  9. After students leave, mats/equipments will be cleaned again for the next class.


This will be the class procedures to keep our students and families safe but rest assured 1st Class will be consistently reevaluating procedures as we navigate the best ways to handle COVID during this period. We are devoted to our students not only in their journeys to becoming the best black belts they can be but in ensuring their safety and health while in class.

Zoom classes will also remain open for parents who wish to continue social distancing from home for your convenience.

We are open to any questions, comments, or concerns as we work to make 1st Class as safe as possible and we will work with you all to make sure you have peace of mind while your student trains to become the greatest black belt we know they can be. 

In the meantime, we are so happy to have you all back and we thank you all for being a part of the 1st Class family once again. We look forward to seeing you all on the mat or at home via Zoom as we punch and kick COVID away together!